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Phelps: Most Incredible Olympian Water Baby

Michael Phelps has become the most incredible Olympian water baby at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Michael Phelps, the incredible water baby, has won eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympic Games. Michael Phelps has exceeded the Mark Spitz (other incredible water baby) record of eight Olympic Gold medals won at a single sitting of the Olympic Games.

This incredible water baby known to the world as Michael Phelps excelled in a total of eight swimming events: 400m individual medley, 200m medley, 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly, 200m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle relay, 4x200m freestyle relay and 4x100m medley relay.

Together with the six gold olympic medals that he won in Athens in 2004, Michael Phelps' incredible haul of 16 Olympic gold medals is also another incredible Olympic record.

This water baby is only 23 years old and he has achieved the Olympic pinnacle few can dream of and which no one else has achieved. It would also appear that he may add even more Olympic medals if he chooses to. That would really seal his incredible water baby swimming record for eternity.

I take my hat off to Michael Phelps!


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