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TV Beach.Ball.Babes To Show Before Singapore Youth Olympic Games (YOG)

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Source: CNA

Singapore’s MediaCorp TV Channel 8 plans to showcase Beach.Ball.Babes, a sports-related drama before the Beijing Olympic Games commences. Slated for release on 7 July 2008, this show will pave the way for other sports-themed drama shows in the pipeline to be screened before the Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

The 20-episode drama show will feature a young cast of female leads from MediaCorp’s stable of good-looking actresses, perfecting their art of beach volleyball acting, in bikinis at the beach of course. What is surprising is the indecent plan to show a shopping scene at the Tiong Bahru wet market, with the cast rubbing shoulders with heartland aunties in their bikinis (the cast, not the aunties).

The TV station’s Senior Vice President for Chinese Drama Production was quoted as saying: ”This is a family-friendly channel. How much skin-baring can there be?”

The executive producer was also quoted as saying: “Singaporeans are very open-minded nowadays.”

With the internationally popular Sex And The City TV series and now a London movie premiere playing to great reception, is it any surprise to hear of a uniquely Singaporean show that bares some skin?

It could be a gimmick. Or purely hogwash. Let’s withhold judgment until the show has been exposed on air in July.

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