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Sergey Bubka on 1st YOG Preparations: We Are Impressed

1st Summer Youth Olympic Games: Singapore 2010 on track

The Coordination Commission of the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games concluded its first visit to the host city Singapore today.

Eight months after the host city announcement on 21 February 2008, the Singapore Organising Committee (SYOGOC) has already established all the foundations necessary to stage the Games in 2010.

“We are impressed with how the preparations have advanced. SYOGOC is very much on track”, said Sergey Bubka, Chairman of the Coordination Commission, at the end of the visit. “We can count on the full support of the whole of Government and all Singaporeans, as well as on a highly dynamic team committed to serving our vision for these Games”, concluded SYOGOC Chairman and IOC Executive Board member Ser Miang NG.

“Presentations were of a high standard and we can return home with the feeling that our partners in Singapore have well understood the mission entrusted to them, and that they can cope with the considerable time pressure. We just have to keep up the same pace and vigilance for the remaining 22 months until the opening of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games”, concluded Sergey Bubka.

...read more at official Singapore Youth Olympic games 2010 pdf document.

*Members of the Coordination Commission:
Sergey Bubka, IOC member and Chairman;
Nat Indrapana, IOC member;
Syed Shahid Ali, IOC member;
Raja Randhir Singh**, IOC member;
Frank Fredericks, IOC member and Chairman of the Athletes’ Commission;
Rania Elwani**, IOC member;
Guido de Bondt, NOC representative;
Andrew Ryan, IF representative; and
Gilbert Felli, Olympic Games Executive Director.

The Coordination Commission is the group of representatives from the IOC and the Olympic Movement who will be monitoring the Youth Olympic Games preparations and guiding the Singapore Organising Committee.

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