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Singapore YOG Olympic Torch Relay

For the world's first-ever Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (SYOG), the Olympic Flame will make a journey starting from Greece and cross five continents before landing in Singapore for a round-the-island SYOG Olympic Torch relay.

This YOG Olympic Torch relay may be the final round-the-world relay of its kind as the International Olympic Committee had already decided to stop its relay practice in response to feedback.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board (EB) approved a proposal by the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee for the Olympic Flame for the YOG to be lit in Greece and travel to one city each in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania before arriving in Singapore.

At each city, the YOG Olympic Flame will be welcomed in a single city celebration that will focus on youth and the power of the Olympic values to make the world a better place.

Athletes and youth on that continent will be invited to witness the lighting of the cauldron and join in the city YOG celebration.

In Singapore, the YOG Olympic Flame will travel across all parts of Singapore in a traditional torch relay run, where youths from ASEAN will also be invited to participate.

According to Mr Ng Ser Miang, Chairman of the SYOGOC, "it will be a unique opportunity and experience for people around the world to connect to the first Youth Olympic Games."

Youths of Singapore and the world, get ready to welcome the YOG Olympic Torch Relay for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

Details of the YOG Olympic Torch design have not been released. I predict the YOG Olympic Torch is likely be shaped and weighted differently for the smaller-sized grip of youths age 14 to 18.

Perhaps a "Design the YOG Olympic Torch" competition will be held later. Perhaps a "Who can hold the torch for the longest duration" competition will be held to choose some lucky individuals for a trip to Singapore and join the YOG Olympic Torch Relay team.

Get ready too, youths in Singapore and Asean, to step forward (and do some upper limb weight training) for your chance to hold the YOG Olympic Torch during the YOG Olympic Torch Relay in Singapore in the year 2010!

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