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Name of AYG Mascot

Posted by Admin | Apr 15, 2009 1:39 PM

Name of AYG Mascot

If you have been wondering what the name of AYG Mascot is, wonder no more. The name of AYG Mascot is out now.

On April 14 2009, at a contest organised by The Straits Times and AYG Organising Committee, "Frasia" was picked as the name of AYG Mascot.

This name of AYG Mascot was submitted by Michael and Georgia Lye under their child's name to the "Name The AYG Mascot" contest.

What does Frasia mean as a name of AYG Mascot? It is short for Friends of Asia.

They won $500 in cash, two tickets to the opening ceremony, an all-access pass to the June 29 - July 7 2009 Games, $100 worth of 100 Plus products and of course, Frasia, the AYG Mascot toy.

Get ready to hear more of Frasia, the name of AYG Mascot, in the lead up to the world's first Asian Youth Games (AYG) in Singapore.

Read more about Frasia...

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