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Singapore Olympic Games for Youths (YOG) Badminton Qualifications

These are the qualifying criteria, rules and quota for Singapore Olympic Games for Youths (YOG) for the sport of Badminton.

You can obtain latest details and news on Badminton qualification from the the official SYOG website.

YOG Badminton Events (Total=2)
M: Singles
W: Singles

YOG Badminton Quota:
Total = 64 places
Qualified via IF (BWF) = 46
NOC Universality Places = 16
Host Country Places = 2

YOG Badminton NOC Quota:
2 M and 2 W

YOG Badminton Age Group:
1/1/92 - 31/12/93

YOG Badminton Qualification System:

YOG Badminton Qualifying Events:
5 YCC in 2010, JWC in 2010.

YOG Badminton Procedure:
Highest ranked M and W (1 per NOC) qualify according to continental quotas at YCC or based on continental ranking list (Africa, America and Oceania – 2 per event; Asia and Europe – 5 per event). The remaining places qualify through the 2010 JWC ranking list.

Singapore Olympic Games for Youths blog will bring you more details about the qualification criteria for Badminton if there are further updates in the official plans.

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