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Singapore YOG Camp: Friendship, Respect and Excellence

The Singapore 2010 YOG Friendship Camp was held recently when more than 400 athletes from 130 National Olympic Committees gathered in Singapore for a five-day Singapore YOG Friendship Camp.

A long string of activities was organised for Friendship Camp participants. This list of activities included sports like Tchoukball, dragon boating, inline skating and sepak takraw.

Another popular activity of the YOG Friendship Camp was the Chat With Champions seesion. The YOG camp participants were extremely excited when Asafa Powell, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Dexter Lee made their appearances during the Singapore Camp where they were charmed by the three renown Olympic athletes.

Workshops during Exploration Journey, a CEP Activity, allowed Singapore YOG camp participants to explore and experience more of Singapore's culture. They visited the Marina Barrage and Hortpark to learn about environmental issues and water conservation.

Singapore YOG Camp participants also visited Pulau Ubin for outdoor adventure activities like rope course challenges, rock climbing and make-shift rafting.

Participants formed friendships during the Singapore YOG Camp that motivated a few to declare that they wish to return to Singapore during the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in August 2010, to see their new friends again.

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