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Singapore YOG Opening Ceremony

Posted by Admin | Jul 20, 2010 4:55 PM

Singapore YOG Opening Ceremony

Singapore YOG Opening Ceremony will be held at the Floating Platform of Marina Bay Reservoir in Singapore on  14 August 2010.

About 7000 performers will present a Singapore YOG Opening Ceremony show of theatre, music, song, dance and multimedia with many surprises and special effects for global audience. Local director Ivan Heng has created a show concept that promises a memorable experience for YOG spectators, YOG athletes and YOG participants.

Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/singapore2010/

Recycled and reusable materials for costumes will be used for the Singapore YOG opening and closing ceremony, as shown to the press conference of the Singapore YOG Opening Ceremony (photo above).

Singapore YOG Opening Ceremony Creative Vision:

To mark the occasion of the new Olympic Movement in Singapore.
To celebrate the young sporting talents from around the world.
To engage, entertain and inspire global unity and national pride.
To proclaim anew the enduring values of the original Olympic Games; including Excellence, Friendship, and Respect.
To focus on the youth athletes, their hopes as future Olympians and citizens of the world.

Singapore YOG Opening Ceremony Inspiration:

The parallels between Singapore and a Young Olympian, their struggles, hopes and dreams.
To draw on all that Singapore has to offer in terms of art, culture and expertise; to celebrate our origins and diversity, and to offer a glimpse of our hopes for the future.
Whilst we have wildly different cultural experiences, we are nevertheless united by our humanity and shared aspirations.

Singapore YOG Opening Ceremony Synopsis
The story begins with Singapore's and Young Olympians' hopes and dreams, and follows them through their struggles and transformations, before culminating in the birth of a new beginning.

See you at the Singapore YOG Opening Ceremony!

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