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Commonwealth Games 2010

Here is an introduction to the Commonwealth Games 2010.

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Held every four years, the next edition of the Commonwealth Games 2010 will attract member nations and territories of the Commonwealth of Nations to participate in a multi-sport extravaganza from 3rd October 2010.

The Commonwealth Games 2010 will feature competitions involving thousands of elite athletes. The Commonwealth Games 2010 are one of the world’s largest multi-sport events.

The Commonwealth Games 2010 include Olympic sports and non-Olympic sports that are played mainly in Commonwealth nations like lawn bowls, rugby sevens and netball.

The apex international body that organises and oversees the Commonwealth Games is the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), which also controls the sporting programme and selects the host cities.

The Commonwealth Games were first held in 1930 as the British Empire Games in Hamilton, Canada.

The event was renamed as the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1954, the British Commonwealth Games in 1970 and from 1978 are named as the Commonwealth Games.

The Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 will be held in Delhi, the capital of India. This will be the XIX Commonwealth Games.

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