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Get Closer To The Aims Of YOG

Posted by Admin | Apr 29, 2008 10:18 PM

Get Closer To The Aims Of Olympics For Youths (YOG) Games

The euphoria of winning the tag to be host of the world’s first Summer Youth Olympics has dissipated much faster than the build up of excitement to the announcement of the IOC voting result. Currently, the buzz has been low-key, as organizers roll up their sleeves in offices to refine a plan to stage a global sports show.

I have never attended any of the previous senior Olympics Competition as a spectator, and certainly not as a competitor. Now with the first version of Youth Olympics coming to our shores, there will be plenty of opportunities to get closer to the action from now till the year 2010.

As a citizen of the winning city to host the world’s first Summer Youth Olympics, it is only natural to feel happy and proud. Putting aside clichés, the best part of it all is still the ideals embodied in the Olympic Movement.

The aims of the Youth Olympic and Games as envisioned by the International Olympic Committee are:

To prepare a generation of young elite athletes to have an ethical approach to sport, with strong values (excellence, friendship and respect) and principles (universality, sustainability, no discrimination);

To educate young people on the importance of sport for their health and their social integration;

To inform young people about the dangers linked to sport, such as doping, training to excess and inactivity; and

To propose to the youth of the world, present in the host city and brought together through modern communication tools, to share in an intense moment of solidarity and humanism, highlighting in particular the strong Olympic symbols (torch relay, flag, anthem).

I believe that these ideals are worth pursuing to make the world a better place, sporting-wise.

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