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Fans Of Summer Olympics: Youths Or Otherwise

What would you do to become a fan of the Summer Olympics Games, like the next one to be held from 8 August 2008 in Beijing? What do you think are the qualities that will define a fan of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games that will be will held in August 2010? Regardless of age, true blue fans share one thing in common, the passion do something for a cause that they believe in.
Here are the stories of three fans of the Beijing Olympics.

Case 1:
A 34 year old clerk from a Guangdong Hospital spent eight years writing and collecting correspondences from former world leaders like Kofi Annan (ex-United Nation chief), Jacques Chirac (ex-French President), Tony Blair (ex-British PM) and even Jacques Rogge (current IOC chief) to reply to his letters with words of support for the soon-to-be hosted Summer Olympics.

Case 2:
A 46 year old collector spent five years chasing after Olympic sports memorabilia to amass a stockpile of more than 400 Olympic-themed items. Along the way, he volunteered his services to plant 2008 olive trees in Olympia, the cradle of Olympism in Greece and managed to obtain the original drumsticks used in the highly-secured Torch Lighting Ceremony in Greece.

Case 3:
A 24 year-old Fine Arts graduate designed and produced a colourful 5.6-metre long dragon made of steamed buns with the help of his family clan, 50 kilograms of flour and a month of sweat. When his effort was recognized, he had to reproduce another model in an Beijing exhibition hall as the original was too fragile and heavy to transport from his hometown.

Are these acts of passion? Or are they publicity seekers? Read on to decide for yourself.

Case 1: Click here.

Case 2: Click here.

Case 3: Click here.

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