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Thoughts And Comments On Singapore's 2010 Youth Games and Olympic

It is still early days before the Youth Olympics and Games, but I'll like to share some of my thoughts and comments. As a citizen of the host country, it is to be expected that I should support the Singapore YOG to be held in 2010. I really do. Undoubtedly, this is a great honour and privilege to be part of a nation to organize a global Olympics for Youths. The Singapore YOG will bring the globe’s aspiring 14 to 18 year old athletes together in the spirit of friendly Youth Olympic competition. Such a Singaporean experience to get closer to the Youth Olympic and Games in the year 2010 would likely come not more than once in an ordinary citizen’s lifetime.

I have other reasons to like the 2010 Youth Olympic and Games. Participation in the Youth Games at Olympic level Competitions as a spectator can be a fun family friendly event. I plan to round up members of my family to visit Singapore Youth Games venues to cheer young Olympians in Singapore. Soaking in the atmosphere during the Singapore YOG competitions should be thrilling affairs as spectators cheer and applaud their respective national Youth Olympic athletes.

As we read about the young competitors in the coming months, my kids can broaden and deepen their interest in the Singapore in 2010 for the Youth Games in particular, and sports in general. Hopefully good role models will rise to the occasion for my children to learn and grow. The making of an Youth Olympic champion certainly will involve talent, discipline, training, endurance, mental strength and many other intangible factors. I want my children to pick up the right knowledge, attitude and values on the path to their independence.

The Singapore Youth games in 2010 will also offer many chances to discover more of life when I visit new places as I have mentioned before in my other blog Seen This Scene That here. It is always better to watch the games right at the venues, rather than “live” on TV. The intense participatory experience of watching competitions “live” on site cannot be fully televised and replicated via LCD screens.

I hope that you can join me to be a part of the Youth Olympic and Games in Singapore on 14 August 2010.

If you have any thoughts on Singapore in 2010 during the Youth Olympics, please share them in the comments.

Cheers to Singapore, in 2010 for Youth, Olympic and great Games!

Thank you.

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