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Let’s Play To Get More Players Of Sports

The Singapore Sports Council has launched a movement “Let’s Play” to encourage more citizens to benefit from sports by participating in sports in Singapore. Senior Parliamentary Secretary (Community Development, Youth and Sports and Transport) Mr Teo Ser Luck was the guest of honour at a recent ceremony in Suntec City.

The numerous mental and physical health benefits of regular exercise from sports participation are well known. Another beneficial aspect is the emotional well being that sports participation can bring. The Singapore Sports Council hopes that more people can receive opportunities to watch sporting events and volunteer at organizing these functions.

A new website at singaporesports.sg was rolled out to allow people to check out the latest news on local sports, book sporting facilities, confirm dates on the local sports calendar, and even learn basics about eight sports like netball, badminton, football, swimming, running, table tennis, rugby and basketball. Inspiring stories by citizens on their sporting habits can be read on line too. Kids will love the online basketball game at the website and learn to be the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryan. You can check out the details through this link.

A laudable effort by the Singapore Sports Council, this initiative should hopefully see greater participation in sports by Singaporeans. It is a convenient one-stop resource for busy Singaporeans to play their favourite games and to entice novices to start sports play.

Do show your support by visiting the website.

Now let’s play!

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