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Wishing To See Singapore Youths in 2010 Olympic Events At An East Coast Park Barbecue Pit

I am wondering if some of the Singapore Olympics and Games competition will be held at East Coast Beach Park near the barbecue pits. Events like beach volleyball, triathlon and sailing may see action along the barbecue-pit-rich beaches of East Coast Park in Singapore in 2010 for Youths as Olympic and Games organizers consider them worthwhile to stage.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy the outdoor space, the sun, the sand, the sea, the pit barbecued sauces plus the exciting Youth Olympics and Games sceneries along the shoreline of East Coast Park? Wouldn’t it be great if you can spend time with friends and family at such a barbecue pit along East Coast Park and yet witness youths competing in Olympic competitive games out at sea?

How often would you be able to tell your grandchildren of the occasions when you saw youths in action during Olympic games, while sampling barbecued food at a place as common as East Coast Park? How many memorable photographs of such events during the 2010 event in Singapore for youth at Olympic-level Games would you be able to amass while your chicken wing or satay is competing for a perfect tan on the sizzling barbecue pit?

Yes, this may be comical rhetoric, but it is also the dream of an ordinary Singapore. I wish to be involved as a spectator, soaking in the spectacular 2010 Youth events of Olympic spirits and Games atmosphere, appreciating every tasty moment of my barbecue involvement.

Let 2010 arrive in Singapore for Youth to participate in Olympics and Games, and of course let the flames commence.... for barbecues.

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