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YOG In 2010, Facebook, Friendster and Other New Media

At the 7th Annual PR Academy Conference on Strategic Communication: Communicating in a New Media Environment held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel on 22 May 2008, Dr Vivian Balakishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports spoke about the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) using new media for communications.

"The upcoming Youth Olympic Games in 2010 will also see new media used extensively. It is already on Facebook and Friendster.

We also intend to create a virtual reality space, similar to 3-D virtual online world Second Life. This will enable young people from around the world to anticipate and experience Singapore and the various venues even before the YOG begins.

There will also be a digital concierge service to enable the YOG community to access personalized information and services anywhere, anytime. They will be able to do this via existing mobile phone networks, or via our widely available Wireless@SG infrastructure.

You have probably also have heard and read about the exciting virtual city project, ''Co-space'' that the Media Development Authority is spear-heading. This will also provide opportunities for people in Singapore and around the world to interact in real time at the various Singapore sites."

With such a thorough communications plan to let the world access the Youth Olympic Games, Singapore could set new standards in the use of media to allow users all over the world to share the Olympic spirit at the world's first Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2010.

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