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2010 Job Vacancy For Singapore Youth in Olympics and Games

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports is looking for the right person to fill the post of Youth Olympics - Deputy Director, Youth Olympic Village (YOV).

Job Description of Deputy Director, Youth Olympic Village (YOV):

"As a Deputy Director, you will report to and assist Director YOV in managing the division of up to 100 staff. You will be responsible for supervising all sections of YOV to carry out logistics planning and liaison with other SYOGOC Divisions, government agencies and National University of Singapore to deliver the Games Village and support the taking over of University Town in February 2010. Your duties include supervising the design and execution of tests to ensure logistics and services in YOV are ready for the games period, overseeing the planning for volunteer support required for YOV Operations, and preparing volunteers for their roles, supporting the Director YOV (Chief of Operations) by fulfilling the role of Chief of Logistics during Games period and supporting the Director YOV in restoring and handing back of the Village to NUS after the Games period."

Job Requirements:

* Project planning and management experience
* Logistics planning and implementation
* Prior knowledge of service quality and experience in management of large resorts

Minimum work experience:
* 15 years

Closing date:
* 30 June 2008

Interest persons can contact Penny Wee of MCYS.

Here is the link.

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