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Republic To Send Largest Contingent To Beijing Olympic Games 2008

The Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) announced that Singapore will send 23 athletics to the Beijing Olympic Games 2008. This contingent of twenty three will be the largest number of athletics sent to an Olympic Games since independence.

The sports involved are athletics, badminton, sailing, shooting, swimming and table tennis. These are traditionally the Republic's strongest sports with the best chances of winning medals at the Olympic Games.

The list of athletics from Singapore who are selected to represent Singapore at the Beijing Olympic Games are presented here.

List of Athletes:

  1. Calvin Kang (Athletics, 100m)
  2. Zhang Guirong (Athletics, shot put)
  3. Ronald Susilo (Badminton, singles)
  4. Xing Aiying (Badminton, singles)
  5. Li Yujia (Badminton, doubles, mixed singles)
  6. Jiang Yan mei (Badminton, doubles)
  7. Henfri Saputra (Badminton, mixed doubles)
  8. Koh Seng Leong (Sailing, Laser standard)
  9. Lo Manyi (Sailing, Laser Radial)
  10. Lee Wung Yew (Shooting, trap)
  11. Tao Li (Swimming, 100m fly, 200m fly, 100m back)
  12. Quah Ting Wen (Swimming, 100m free, 400m IM)
  13. Bryan Tay (Swimming, 200m free)
  14. Nicolette Teo (Swimming, 100m breast, 200m breast)
  15. Lynette Lim (Swimming, 200m free, 400m free, 800m free)
  16. Li Jia Wei (Table tennis, singles, team)
  17. Wang Yuegu (Table tennis, singles, team)
  18. Feng Tianwei (Table tennis, singles, team)
  19. Gao Ning (Table tennis, singles, team)
  20. Yang Zi (Table tennis, singles, team)
  21. Cai Xiaoli (Table tennis, team)
  22. Toh Liying (Table tennis, team)
  23. Deborah Ong (Sailing 470)
Wishing all Singaporean athletics the best at the Beijing Olympic Games!

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