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Istana Honour For Olympic, Paralympic: Team Singapore

In a historic gesture, the Singapore Olympic and Paralympic teams were given the honour of an Istana reception by President S R Nathan on 20 September 2008.

More than 60 athletes and officials met President S R Nathan, Mrs Nathan and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at Sri Temasek within the Istana compound. In the hour-long reception, the Olympic and Paralympic team members chatted with VIPs and guests about their Olympic and Paralympic Games experiences.

According to The Sunday Times, President Nathan was quoted:

"We are proud of their achievements. Some of them have done well. Some others may not have secured medals, but they have done well by recording their personal or national bests. This is the beginning of a new journey. And I hope, with our encouragement and support, future generations of Olympians will do us more proud."

This is indeed an honour, given by the President of Singapore, to all those Team Singapore members who worked hard for their Olympic and Paralympic achievements.

We hope that more Singaporeans will be spurred to take up sports and raise their standards to Olympic and Paralympic levels.

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