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At the close of the Singapore YOG 2010 Logo Design competition on 29 August 2008, 1590 entries were received by the YOGOC.

Of these 1590 Singapore YOG Logo Design Competition entries, 856 entries came from youths, while the Open category received 734 entries.

Judging by these numbers of Singapore YOG Logo Design Competition entries, this is a very credible figure. The interest in the Singapore YOG 2010 Logo Design Competition has been global as well as local.

Thirteen judges have been appointed to look at the Singapore YOG Logo Competition entries. The following are the luminous judges:

Mr. Johnny Lau
Cartoonist and Managing Director, AIC Asia

Mr. Kendrick Lee
Singapore National Badminton Player

Ms Hazel Lim
Lecturer, LaSalle College of the Arts

Mr. Stephen Mangham
Group Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather (Singapore)

Mr. Eugene Ng
Assistant Manager, DesignSingapore Council

Mr. Francis Ng
Art Photographer and Mixed Media Installation Artist

Mr. Jay Phua
Creative Director, 10AM Communications Pte Ltd

Mr. Hans Tan
Lecturer, Experience Design, Singapore Polytechnic & Tutor, Industrial Design,
National University of Singapore

Mr. Royston Tan
Film Director

Ms. Tan Suenne Megan
Deputy Director, Communications & Partnership Development, Singapore Arts

Mr. Edmund Wee
Managing Director, Epigram Pte Ltd

SYOGOC will be represented by its Chairman, Mr Ng Ser Miang and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Goh Kee Nguan.

One of this entries will win the Best Design Award with five Merit Awards to be given out to each category.

This high number of responders indicates good publicity of Singapore 2010 YOG. There is also strong interest of youths across the globe for the Singapore YOG 2010.

We look forward to the announcement of the Singapore YOG Logo Competition results and can't wait to see what the final logo design will be.

Stay tuned to Singapore Youth Olympic Games (YOG) blog.

Thank you for reading Singapore YOG blog.

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    Did you submit an entry to the Singapore 2010 Logo Design Competition? I guess we'll find out when the results are out...

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