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Singapore Wins Equestrian Paralympic Games Bronze Medal

Source:Channel News Asia

Singapore wins its first ever Paralympic Games Bronze medal at an Equestrian event in Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games on 2 October 2008.

Laurentia Tan Yen Yi of Singapore Equestrian Team took home the Equestrian bronze medal when she came in third in the Individual Championship Test Grade 1A Equestrian event. She rode her horse named “Nothing To Lose” to her first ever Paralympic Games bronze medal.

This is an amazing Olympic moment and fantastic achievement as Singapore had never won a medal in the Paralympic Games until now. The Paralympic Games is another version of the Olympic Games for athletes with special abilities.

Who is Laurentia Tan Yen Yi of Singapore?

According to team Singapore website here is some information on Laurentia Tan:

[ My proudest sporting moment is when I came in 4th at the World Para-Dressage Championships 2007 in the United Kingdom in the "Freestyle to Music" class because it was my highest mark at my first international competition and ironically, with my profound deafness, to be the most challenging test.

Likes - People with a sense of humour, having a good laugh and traveling

Dislikes - Very spicy food! ]

Source: Team Singapore website

Congratulations to Laurentia Tan Yen Yi of Singapore! We hope that you can keep the Singapore flag flying high in the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games medals and hopefully win more medals in the sport of Equestrian.

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