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CYG 2008 Results: Singapore Wins Silver Medal In Men's 50-metre Breaststroke Swimming Finals

Singaporean youth Ng Jia Hao became the first Singaporean swimmer to win a medal at the 3rd Commonwealth Youth Games CYG held at the National Aquatics Centre in Pune, India on 15 October 2008.

Ng Jia Hao touched home in the men's 50 metre breaststroke swimming event in a time of 29.70 seconds. This was exactly the same timing as Karsten Warren Scott from RSA! But according to the official CYG results page, he is listed as bronze medal winner!? Is there a mistake? Double check official results page of CYG PUNE 2008 website. (Source = CYG Pune 2008)

[Update: He got the SILVER medal. Yippee!!]

Well done Team Singapore swimming sensation Ng Jia Hao!

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