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SYOGOC Management Retreat

Posted by Admin | Dec 11, 2008 12:02 AM

SYOGOC Management Retreat

Members of the Organising Committee of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games (SYOGOC) took time off for a management retreat at the SAF Changi Yacht Club in late November 2008.

During the retreat, SYOGOC management members reviewed the work that was done and to refocus priorities for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games in the year 2010.

According to the report on the Singapore 2010 website, “it was also a time for the (SYOGOC) management team to get to know one other better, and learn how the members can leverage on one other’s strength as it continues the Singapore 2010 journey.”

Some learning points were apparent from the SYOGOC management retreat report.

Essentially the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee learn that:

“it gives Singapore a unique chance to inspire our young people and those from around the world to take up sports, to learn more about one another and the important issues facing us as a global community.”

“Singapore 2010 can boost the sporting culture locally, and help promote the country as a choice venue for other international multi-sports event.”

“will change our way of thinking as a people as we learn to embrace, embody and express the values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.”

Good luck to the SYOGOC management members on the challenging tasks ahead.

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