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Free YOG Souvenirs From CAN Carnival

Here is a list of free YOG CAN Carnival Souvenirs that I obtained when I signed up for the free 2010-metre long run. All these souvenirs were given free of charge.

1) YOG CAN Runner's Tag Souvenir

2) YOG CAN Souvenir T-shirt (for runners)

Can you guess which sport is featured on the YOG CAN souvenir T-shirt below?

Yes, it's soccer, my favourite sport!

3) YOG Button Badge souvenir

The front and back views of the souvenir badge.

4) YOG CAN sticky paper notepad.

5) A YOG CAN souvenir bag.

Keep this souvenir to recycle and re-use.

6) And many happy YOG CAN Carnival photographic souvenirs and memories...

I look forward to what the Singapore Youth Olympic Games may offer as free souvenirs come 2010. Perhaps some of these souvenirs can grow to become highly sought-after collector’s items, heritage treasures or just simple memory aids for me in 30 year’s time!

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