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YOG Sports On Show

Posted by Admin | Jan 16, 2009 8:27 PM

YOG Sports On Show

At the YOG CAN! Carnival that I visited recently, several interesting YOG sports were on show. These YOG sports events included wrestling, equestrian, handball, 3-on-3 basketball and fencing.

These YOG sports on show were hands-on try-out platforms for youngsters and the young-at-heart to jump into. They were not passive demonstrations of various sports that YOG competitors would compete in 2010 in Singapore. Neither were these YOG sports just simple exhibition booths to showcase the various competition events.

Visitors to the YOG CAN! Carnival were able to try out these YOG show sports as they were more of a get-your-hands-dirty games session.

In YOG wrestling, participants could compete with others to see if they have what it takes to be the future Youth Olympic Games champions.

In the sport of YOG fencing, by-standers could walk up, grab a weapon and start showing off their fencing skills like Zorro! Best of all, you get to score points by ‘piercing’ your opponent with the pointed tip of your weapon.

YOG equestrian sports wannabes got to ride a real horse around a fenced-in area led by a horse trainer. No show jumping was allowed but judging from the look of delighted faces of riders, they must have been sitting on cloud nine!

For the YOG 3-on-3 basketball sports games, many students stepped up to display amazing skills in a fun-filled arena, under watchful eyes of talent spotters, spectators, supporters and friends.

YOG handball sports gamers could try their hands at scoring at goal. Targets with score numbers were hung on different levels of the goal post to be if they could aim their throw at the four corners that garnered maximum points.

The public opportunities to try out these YOG Sports and Games left a positive impression on me. I think those who had the opportunities to participate in these YOG sports and games would surely agree.

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