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Olympic Education Programme (OEP)

Students in all Singapore schools will get a chance to live the Olympic Spirit with the launch of the Olympic Education Programme (OEP) on 29 December 2009.

This new initiative should lead to a successful and memorable inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) event in 2010 for Singapore youths. With the launch of the Olympic Education Programme (OEP), students will have more opportunities to experience and embrace the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.

The Olympic Education Programme (OEP) consists of a variety of educational programmes that teach about the Olympic Movement. These educational programmes will be conducted in conjunction with sports activities at all primary and secondary schools as well as pre-university colleges and institutions in Singapore.

All schools in Singapore will receive the specially designed “Living Olympism” Education Resource Package as part of the associated teaching materials. School teachers can use these interesting Olympic Education Programme (OEP) ideas in the package to roll out innovative learning activities. Students can then acquire knowledge about the Olympics and understand the Olympic spirit in a fun way.

The Olympic Education Programme (OEP) resource packs feature the history of the Olympic Games, Olympic Sports and contribution of the Olympic Movement to international peace and friendship.

Besides Physical Education (PE), the activities and ideas in the Olympic Education Programme (OEP) resource packs can also be incorporated into subject areas such as languages, humanities and the arts, sciences and mathematics, values education, and co-curricular activities (CCA) thus contributing to our students’ holistic development.

Thanks for reading my "Singapore Youth Olympic Games", a resident's discovery of the soon-to-be world's first Youth Olympic Games to be held in Singapore in the year 2010

This journey of discovery has been an educational programme on the Olympics for myself as well. I hope you learn something new too.

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