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Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009 Goes Online

On 2 March 2009, it was announced that the 1st Asian Youth Games Singapore 2009 (AYG) will be broadcast online during the entire event.

This nine-sport Asian Youth Games (AYG) had received approval from the Olympic Council of Asia to provide broadcast coverage of all its sporting events through online channels.

The 1st Asian Youth Games Singapore 2009 Organising Committee (SAYGOC) appointed World Sport Group and Perform Group and Content Craft as its official website developer and web broadcaster.

These companies will provide technical expertise in the design, development and maintenance of the official website for Asian Youth Games (AYG) Singapore 2009.

They will also develop content for the Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009 website, such as editorial pieces, articles on athletes and supporters, and broadcasting live data feeds from each sporting event during the Games period.

The Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009 site will serve to engage the youth community in Asia using these new online media channels as well.

"Live" online broadcasting will allow all 45 participating nations of the Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009 to watch and follow the progress of their respective contingents through the official Asian Youth Games (AYG) website.

Mr Oon Jin Teik, Co-Chair of Singapore Asian Youth Games Organising Committee (SAYGOC) and Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Sports Council (SSC) said:

"For the first time in history, a major multi-sports games will be using the new media channels as its main broadcast platform.

The internet, a highly used communications medium used by youth, will be the gateway for the world to catch all the live action from their desktops, notebooks, mobile phones, or any other portable device that has a web browser.

We are extremely delighted to have World Sport Group, Perform Group and Content Craft as partners in this historical initiative. For the inaugural Asian Youth Games, this will be another first in a long list of achievements as Singapore prepares to welcome Asia's youth.

This online initiative of the Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009 will boost Singapore's efforts to develop the sports media industry."

More details on this Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009 initative can be found at the official Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009 website.

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