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Asian Youth Games Mascot

Posted by Admin | Mar 20, 2009 12:05 AM

Asian Youth Games Mascot

The new mascot of the Asian Youth Games was unveiled on 19 March 2009 by Mr Teo Ser Luck, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports, and Transport.

The lion mascot symbolises friendship, excellence and respect.

There will be a "Name the Asian Youth Games Mascot" competition to select a new name. This Asian Youth Games name-the-mascot contest wil be open from 20 March 2009 to the public.

The Asian Youth Games Mascot naming contest will end on 27 March 2009.

The names must be original and should not be more than five words long for the Asian Youth Games Mascot.

Details and entry forms will appear in the newspapers soon.

Why not call the new mascot: "Singapore Asian Youth Games Mascot"?

Perhaps not. This sounds too officious and quite a mouthful.

Put on your thinking caps and create a new name for the Asian Youth Games mascot. Who knows. You may walk away with great prizes in this Asian Youth Games name-the-mascot contest.

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