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Singapore 1 Thailand 4

Posted by Admin | Jun 29, 2009 5:47 PM

Singapore 1 - Thailand 4

Latest news on the AYG 2009 soccer competition:

From Olympic Youth Games Singapore

At a match played in the soccer competition of the Asian Youth Games 2009 today at 4pm, host Singapore lost to Thailand by a score of 1 to 4.

From Olympic Youth Games Singapore

Both Singapore and Thailand teams played well but the youths from Thailand played with greater teamwork and were more effective in the final third of the soccer field. Their strikers were accurate in their attempts at goals and were able to send the ball to the back of Singapore's goal post.

This match between Singapore and Thailand was televised LIVE via the online webcast of the Asian Youth Games site. The images were sharp and the commentary was clear. Overall, the telecast of the AYG 2009 soccer competition was an enjoyable experience. Keep reading about the AYG 2009 in Olympic Youth Games Singapore.

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