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Singapore YOG

Posted by Admin | Jun 8, 2009 12:32 AM

Singapore YOG

Fans of Singapore Youth Olympic Games can now visit a new site related to the Singapore YOG. The name of this SingaporeYOG related site is called WhyOhGee. This is a play on the letters 'Y', 'O' and 'G'.

What are the goodies for fans of the Singapore YOG? Plenty.

For a start, it has the latest updates on the Singapore YOG (Youth Olympic Games) and all the current YOG happenings.

There is segment on the Olympic Games - the myths, the trivia and the Olympic facts.

Sportsboys and sportgirls can prepare themselves better to win some serious competitions by going through the calendar of events featuring upcoming youth-related sporting activities in Singapore.

A dedicated sports section in WhyOhGee will talk about the various aspects of sports related to youths and the Olympics.

As a measure of its outreach and appeal, the young of today can clue themselves into some serious issues that affect the world - like how other people in the world live their lives, the impact of the environment on our world and even facts about the current Influenza A H1N1(formerly called Swine Flu) concerns.

There is a segment on the CAN! movement where students from four local universities got together to do something creative for the YOG.

Lastly, there is a fun section where bloggers can share their thoughts, where contests are held for YOG enthusiasts, and where YOG supporters, well-wishers and the public can also share videos and photos online with their everyone.

Visit WhyOhGee at http://www.singapore2010.sg/whyohgee/ now!

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