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Singapore Youth Olympic Games FAQ

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Singapore Youth Olympic Games FAQ

We present more Singapore Youth Olympic Games FAQ for your sporting interest. You can read about FAQ on Singapore Youth Olympic Games by checking the categories on our site under 'YOG FAQ'.

List of Singapore Youth Olympic Games FAQ:

What are the sports on the programme of Singapore 2010?

All the 26 sports on the programme of the London 2012 Olympic Summer Games will be featured in Singapore 2010. However, there will be a smaller number of disciplines and events. The 26 sports, with a total of 201 events, are:
1) Aquatics
2) Archery
3) Athletics
4) Badminton
5) Basketball
6) Boxing
7) Canoeing
8) Cycling
9) Equestrian
10) Fencing
11) Football
12) Gymnastics
13) Handball
14) Hockey
15) Judo
16) Modern Pentathlon
17) Rowing
18) Sailing
19) Shooting
20) Table Tennis
21) Taekwondo
22) Tennis
23) Triathlon
24) Volleyball
25) Weightlifting
26) Wrestling

How are the sports selected for Singapore 2010?

The IOC determines the sports programme for all editions of the Olympic Games, which include the Olympic Summer Games, Olympic Winter Games and now the YOG.

What are the qualifying criteria for the various sports?

More information on the qualifying system for the various sports can be found at from the Singapore 2010 website at here. You can also write in to the respective NOCs for more details.

Where will the sports competitions be held? Will new sport venues be built to cater to Singapore 2010?

The sports competition venues will be announced shortly. Most of the competition venues for the Games are existing facilities, some of which will undergo some upgrading works.

FAQ source: Official Singapore Youth Olympic Games SYOG site.

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